Assistive Technology

This questionnaire is part of my work on ethics and its aim is to obtain a greater understanding of the barriers to and enablers of ethics in a workplace/professional context, including when for minority world (‘developed’) country workers/professionals working in majority world (‘developing’) countries.

You can download the questionnaire from the following link

Ethics questionnaire

If your email address identitifies you, you can submit the questionnaire anonymously through Rapidshare, though the Rapidshare website is unfortunately not very accessible.   I have set up a special account

In Rapidshare you look in using the special account I have set up.                 Username: ethics                                                                                         Password: technology999                                                                                           You upload the file and then go into file manager.  Click on the file to select it.  Click on the share link (fifth from the left), then the pop up and next.

Link to Rapidshare                               




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