Assistive Technology

We (Dr Marion Hersh and Dr James Ohene-Djan) are a senior lecturer at the University of Glasgow and a senior/lecturer at Goldsmiths College with a number of years of experience developing technology to support deaf, blind and deafblind people.  We are currently carrying out research into   travel issues for deaf people.  The aims of this research are to determine:

 *    The main road safety issues for deaf people.

 *    The need for ‘deaf friendly’ materials on road safety.      

 *    How well the police, public transport systems and driving instructors serve deaf people.

 *   The need for improvements, including in communication support, in the services provided by the police, public transport and driving instructors to deaf people.

We will be publishing this research in a special issue of a psychology journal on road safety.  We will also using the results to make recommendations to politicians, urban planners, local authorities, driving schools and the police. We have produced three questionnaires, for d/Deaf and hard of hearingpeople, police stations and police officers, as part of this research, which can be downloaded from this page.  


Please contact Marion Hersh on if you have any questions about this research or have problems in downloading a questionnaire.


Questionnaire for d/Deaf and hard of hearing people

Questionnaire for police stations 

Questionnaire for police officers






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