Technical Support Services in the School of Engineering

A revised technical structure has been operating in Engineering since August 2010. This was done so that all technical support requirements across the three sites occupied by the School can be addressed effectively. Technical Staff were pooled into three Service Divisions based broadly on core skills:

Mechanical Services (18 staff including 11 attached to the Workshop Unit)
Electronics Services (13 staff)
Laboratory Services (21 staff including 14 attached to JWNC)

The structure is lead by the Technical Services Manager and each Division is headed up by a Service Manager. The Workshop Unit is integral to Mechanical Services but has a dedicated Manager to specifically deal with all Workshop and related matters.

This structure is designed to allow the skills base that exists amongst Technical Staff to be accessible for all legitimate academic research and teaching activities across the School.

Technical Services Work Flow Data Base

This data base has been developed to assist Technical Managers in making appropriate and informed decisions on job allocation and prioritisation for the staff under their charge.
It is the default means for requesting technical support and also provides a record of how technical staff time is being utilised by research divisions, teaching disciplines and other service users. Information from this data base will be made available to school management and will inform policy decisions and strategy in the future.
Please make sure that all technical support requests are made via this system and that all of the required information is provided when completing the forms. If in doubt ask one of the technical management team shown above.
It is not intended that this system should eliminate other forms of communication with technical managers (i.e. verbal or email) but it must be used in addition to these methods of approach to ensure that all service activity is recorded.