Statistical Variability

With the continuous down-scaling of semiconductor devices including MOSFETs into nanometer scale, the intrinsic parameter fluctuation introduced by discreteness of charges and granularity of matter such as random discrete dopants (RDD), line edge roughness (LER), polysilicon gate granularity (PSG) and metal gate granularity (MGG) is a significant concern in terms of device scaling and circuit yield. Those variability sources have been identified and comprehensively studied in conventional bulk transistors. In addition, the spatially random interface trapped charges (ITC) in progressive N/PBTI degradation in the background of inherent time-zero statistical variability add the statistical aspect of reliability, increasing the variability with stress time. Novel MOSFET architectures such as FD-SOI and FinFET aiming to improve short-channel effects and control statistical variability are being introduced at 22nm technology and the study of statistical variability in these architectures is critically important in evaluating further scaling and integration.

SOI_Markov.png CombinedVariability-RDD-LER2cor10-MGG5-No2.png rho_el_35nm_RDD_LER_MGG.png

For many years members of the group have developed the world-leading statistical variability and reliability  ‘atomistic’ simulator Garand. Garand has been licenced for commercial use to Gold Standard Simulations, Ltd now part of Synopsys. 

People involved in this project

Fikru Adamu-Lema 

Vihar Georgiev

Asen Asenov

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